ASP Agent Concealed Baton

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The ASP Agent Baton incorporates a new design from ASP which features a reduced diameter making it easier to conceal.  It is perfect for plain clothes duty, hotel detectives, private investigators and any law enforcement where baton concealment is needed. It's adjustable clip allows you to carry the Agent baton on a dress belt, inside your pocket, waistband or removed the clip for holster carry.

The Agent Baton incorporates a 4140 steel striking surface. The 7075 T6 aluminum middle shaft and handle are forged to shape and then precision machined.

The grip is fine line, Crosstec knurled with spiral micro grooves. Rings accept the included Nexus baton clip.

Agent Batons expand to 30, 40 or 50 cm.

They have the form, fit and striking potential of a duty baton. The reduced diameter and low profile grip of the Agent may be concealed inside the waistband or worn on the belt. The Nexus clip may be adjusted to a variety of positions along the handle to enhance concealment or ease of presentation. Agent Batons can be carried tip up or tip down. As with all ASP Talon Loc Batons, the Agent is retracted with a simple push of the cap.