Expandable Steel Tactical Baton

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This Expandable Steel Baton is available in three sizes. With a simple snap of the wrist, the baton expands to its full size.

The 26" baton measures 10" when closed, the 21" baton measures 8-1/4" when closed and the 16-1/2" baton closes to measure 6-1/2".

Each baton features a foam padded handle for better comfort and reduced slippage. Black nylon sheath with belt loop included.


To open - hold baton close to body, gripping the handle firmly.  Swing baton quickly away from body. The batons will extend.  To collapse - grip handle firmly and strike the tip of the baton into a firm surface (such as the ground) in the opposite direction that the baton extends.

***** PLEASE NOTE ******

We have received several comments that these batons can be hard to close. The sections are held open by the friction of the tubes against each other.  The more force used to open the baton, the more force needed to close the baton. These batons are not toys.  These batons are are constructed of heavy duty steel. We choose to sell a high quality heavy duty product that takes some effort to close than a piece of junk that will not operate as intended.